Wishing you a festive holiday season and I look forward to see you in 2021! Before we leave this crazy year behind, it is with great pleasure that I present two new paintings on paper.

When You Say Yes, I Say No is a reaction to my previous series Say Yes When You Want To Say No from 2016. In this, I follow the existing pattern, but search for more contradictions to counteract myself. By adding circles to the squares and reuniting the overlapping pieces. The downward shift also stems from the previous series and creates new surfaces to continue painting. The loose wrist brush stroke has taken on a prominent role in losing control against the tape and colorised strokes. In order to take the viewer into the in-between experience, I made the painting process insightful. In When You Say Yes, I Say No #1 the rules and freedoms are on the paper next to the artwork.

Both paintings mark the beginning of a new type of work called ‘in-between works’. Contrary to series where I start from a subject or a research, with these works I look for the experiment or want to develop a small idea. The word in-between is therefore literally a translation, but also fits in the context of that moment that I am searching for.